AMVT Optical Sorters

Following a conversation and handshake with representatives in 2012, a CF3 model AMVT optical sorter was installed in the seed plant as the optional final stage to the cleaning process. Since then, the strong relationship between AMVT and Southern Seed has culminated in a formal arrangement in which Southern Seed has become the AMVT sales and technical representatives for Western Canada. Southern Seed welcomed Chris Hendrickson in October of 2020 to take the lead in this new venture with the wealth of Andrews’ knowledge behind him to grow this relationship in the way only locals understand.


CG Series
Expert Level Multi-Usage Optical Sorter

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RGB Full Colour:

  • Sorts material using Greyscale Red, Green and Blue to reject slight colour variations
  • Can sort colours independently or simultaneously
  • Great for rejecting colour contrasting impurities, e.g. Mustard

Size & Shape

  • Sorts out smaller or larger materials based on an input size and shape
  • Great for removing noticeable size and shape differences, e.g.


  • Sorts by detecting higher levels of Red, Green or Blue compared to oneof the other colours, e.g. levels of Red being higher than Green
  • Great for light colour variations that aren’t as distinct, e.g. Hemp


  • Sorts based on any given inputs using independent imaging of ideal materials and impurities
  • Great for virtually everything; most sorting can be done with